Why Managed Services is the Right Approach to Cloud Computing?

Managed Services

Why Managed Services is the Right Approach to Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has become a very general term these days. Since upcoming businesses don’t have the time or financial resources to set up their own IT infrastructure, they see cloud as a cost-effective substitute to a dedicated hosting infrastructure. However, in spite of the cost advantages, many organizations end up overpaying for cloud services because of unforeseen expenses. In this article, we discuss why managed services is the right approach towards cloud computing.

Unforeseen expenses

Recently Vanson Bourne, a technology market research provider, did a survey of 150 IT decision makers across the UK, regarding their cloud computing expenses. Each of these firms had over 500 employees. An overwhelmingly 87 percent of the respondents said they faced unplanned cloud computing-related costs.

To put some perspective, these businesses had planned to spend $300,000 each year towards cloud computing. However, over and above these planned costs, businesses spent an average of $400,000 over a 5-year period towards unplanned cloud expenses.

Some of these expenses are as follows:

  • 44% said these unplanned costs were related to deployment management
  • 42% said these were related to software maintenance
  • 40% said the added costs were associated with systems integration

Perhaps these organizations got influenced by the hype around cloud and quickly adopted it, without understanding the hidden costs. Also, perhaps they misestimated the operating costs associated with public cloud.

The solution: Managed services

Having said that, there’s no denying that cloud computing offers a tremendous potential for cost savings. As resources are shared by many organizations, it brings down the cost of deploying and using the infrastructure. Also, since organizations pay only for the resources used by them, this provides further cost savings. Plus the vendor takes care of all the maintenance, thus reducing the need for employing your own IT staff.

So where did these companies wrong? It needs to be remembered that the shift to cloud has to be approached properly. And this can happen only through managed services.

In the case of public cloud, there is zero consideration towards each business’ individual needs. Also, the ratio of technical support staff to clients is absurdly low, which leads to a loss of time if there are any technical issues. The staff employed by regular cloud computing companies has only 2 years of experience in average. Due to all these factors, standard cloud causes a lot of unforeseen costs.

On the other hand, managed services provide dedicated infrastructure to each business. Cloud solutions are recommended based on the individual need of each business. Also you get 24/7/365 support from a real human whenever you have a technical query. This level of personalized attention leads to faster resolution of issues. Also, you get professional advice from technicians who have at least 10 years of experience in the field of cloud computing. This way, your transitioning to cloud is planned properly and you get sound advice at all times, thus eliminating unwanted costs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cloud computing is the way forward. However, to get the most out of cloud computing, businesses should stay away from cloud companies who offer super-cheap services. Instead, they should opt for managed services, where they not only get a dedicated infrastructure but also get access to experienced staff.

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