Managed Storage and Backup

Managed storage and backup

Managed Storage and Backup

By default, cloud computing services do not include backup. You need to opt for a separate backup service to ensure your data is backed up regularly, and at a location away from your default servers. IaaS Provider offers managed storage and backup services, powered by Veeam Software, the world’s leading provider of storage and backup services.

Features of our managed storage and backup services:

Instant deployment: IaaS Provider can instantly deploy storage and backups for your business. Our technical team takes care of all issues related to setting up storage and backups. Whether you want to back up a single website or an entire virtualized environment, IaaS Provider can do it for you.

Partnership with Veeam: Having deployed Veeam backups for hundreds of organizations, our technicians are fully aware of all the features of Veeam’s backup solutions.

Easy-to-use-portal: We provide you with access to an easy-to-use portal that provides full control over data backups. You can track the resources consumed and set up your own backup frequency (daily or weekly). You can also search for any of the backups easily.

Single-click backup: You can take backups at an individual virtual machine level with a single click. Also, you can choose which VMs you want backup for.

Tracking reports: You will get regular tracking reports outlining the status and capacity usage of your backups.

Instant, file-level recovery: Our managed storage and backup systems ensure instant recovery times (as low as 2 minutes) in the event of any failures. You can recover data at the OS file as well as folder level from Windows and Linux virtual machines.

Vast network of data centers: We provide a global network of data centers, all equipped with best-in-class network and storage hardware. You can be assured that your data is backed up at a secure location with advanced security systems.

24/7/365 support: Our managed storage and backup services include 24/7/365 support by a real human. If you need any technical assistance, you can raise a support request and we will get back at the earliest.

Supports all types of storage: Our storage and backup solutions work for any type of storage, be it SAN storage or brick storage.

Long period of retention: You can retain backups for anywhere up to 20 days giving you high flexibility whenever you want to restore data.

Complete encryption: With end-to-end encryption, you get high security for your backups. Thanks to encryption backups, you can recover data even if you lose or forget your password, without any compromise on security.

Monitoring and reporting: Veeam’s advanced monitoring and reporting feature provides alerts if there are any issues with your IT infrastructure. This way you can take prompt action and minimize the impact of such issues on your business operations.

Integrated WAN acceleration: The integrated WAN acceleration offers features like caching and variable block length data fingerprinting. These features significantly increase the speed of backups (making them up to 50 times faster than standard backups).


Overall, IaaS Provider’s Managed Storage and Backup services, powered by Veeam Software, are a must for any organization. We have deployed these services for hundreds of organizations across the world.

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