Key Aspects of Cloud Security

Key cloud security

Key Aspects of Cloud Security

While everyone acknowledges the numerous benefits of cloud computing, many people are concerned about its security aspects. For example, people get nervous with the fact that the same infrastructure is shared by multiple tenants. People are not only concerned about the security of their data, but also about the security of the network, access controls, compliances, etc. IaaS Provider has been offering cloud computing services for more than 10 years. In a series of 4 articles, we’ll discuss all the major aspects of cloud computing security.

Security of physical infrastructure

Physical security, or security of the physical infrastructure, is an integral part of cloud computing. It is the responsibility of the cloud service provider to ensure the data centers and all the other virtual infrastructure are secure. For instance, IaaS Provider has round-the-clock security at each of its data centers. Also, all the authorized personnel, such as engineers or technicians, have to go through multiple security checks, including secure access cards and biometric scanners. Additionally, the entire area is safeguarded by walls, fences and gates. No unauthorized vehicles are allowed inside the data centers. All these checks ensure complete security for the physical infrastructure.

Security of data

After security of physical infrastructure, the next most crucial element of cloud security is related to data. Different businesses have different needs, therefore as a first step, IaaS Provider tries to understand the unique data security risks for each of our customers. Upon understanding the risks, IaaS Provider offers guidance and advice on how to mitigate those risks. It needs to be remembered however, that the customer owns the data and they have the primary system administration rights, therefore data security is their primary responsibility.

Security of accounts and access controls

Just like any other hosted solution, security of accounts and access controls are an important area of concern in cloud computing. Every customer wants that their systems should be accessed only by authorized personnel. IaaS Provider has implemented adequate protection to ensure restricted access to our back-end infrastructure.

Regulatory requirements

Cloud computing companies are required to comply with regulatory requirements in relation to security. IaaS Provider is compliant with ISO 27001:2013, the Information Security standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). IaaS Provider also complies with NEN7510, the Dutch standard for information security in the healthcare sector. With all these compliances, you can be assured that IaaS Provider has met all the essential regulatory requirements related to cloud security.

Final thoughts:

Security plays a big role in choosing a cloud provider. You should make sure your cloud services provider has advanced security practices in place. As seen above, IaaS Provider meets all the essential requirements of cloud security – physical security, data security, access controls security, and regulatory requirements.

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