IaaS VMware Server Virtualization

VMware virtualisation

IaaS VMware Server Virtualization

IaaS Provider is a leading provider of IaaS VMware Server virtualization services. VMware server virtualization involves the virtualization of entire physical computing infrastructure, including networking, storage, as well as guest operating storage layers. Let’s understand IaaS VMware Server virtualization services in detail.

Features of VMware Server virtualization services:

Suitable for heavy workload: VMware server virtualization services suitable for virtualization needs of all types, including heavy workloads that demand high performance. We can provision virtual machines (VMs) with up to 64 vCPUs (virtual CPUs) and 1 TB of vRAM (virtual RAMs).

Save snapshots before major changes: VMware Server virtualization allows you to save snapshots of your VMs before any changes or updates. This way, you can easily revert changes and updates if there are any failures or disruptions.

Automatic recovery: If there are any hardware failures with the original host, VMware server virtualization ensures automatic reboot of your VMs on another host. This is possible due to the large scale infrastructure of VMware, which includes multiple hosts and advanced storage capabilities.

Statistics of performance: IaaS Provider provides an easy-to-use interface that provides you with all the key statistics of your IaaS infrastructure in real time. These statistics include available computing capacity as well as updates if any VMs or apps are consuming excess resources. With these statistics, IT managers can intervene and handle capacity utilization issues in real time, and thus ensure optimum capacity management.

Proactive support to guest OS layer: IaaS Provider offers proactive support to the guest operating system layer (operating system installed in a VM). Support to guest OS layer includes virtual machine backups, regular monitoring and patching of operating system, and timely updates of antivirus definitions.

Live migration: VMware Server virtualization ensures workload is migrated seamlessly without any downtime. This results in greater VM availability.

Enhanced Security: IaaS VMware Server Virtualization is a private IaaS Cloud environment. This means you get single-tenant security. Your network, computing infrastructure and storage layers are all physically isolated, resulting in unparalleled security. As part of security, we also provide managed firewalls, SSL certificates, mitigation from DDoS attacks, etc.

Uninterrupted performance: Unlike a public IaaS cloud where the infrastructure and hardware resources are shared, VMware Server Virtualization provides dedicated hardware resources. This results in uninterrupted performance and faster issue resolution. We also offer a network uptime guarantee that ensures your network is up and running at all times.

Disaster recovery planning: VMware Server Virtualization offers a range of disaster recovery options to protect your server infrastructure if there are any disasters. Apart from guaranteeing 100% uptime, we also ensure security of data.

Scalability: IaaS Provider can quickly scale up your VMware server virtualization capacity, depending on your need. Likewise, in times of low demand, server capacity can be downgraded with ease. This kind of scalability is not possible with a physical server infrastructure.

Why choose IaaS Provider for VMware server virtualization?

Seamless virtualization: We handle all aspects of VMware server virtualization, including creation, customization, cloning and provisioning of virtual machines (VMs). By choosing IaaS Provider, you get access to seamless VMware server virtualization services.

Leading partner of VMware: We are a leading partner of VMware, which provides us with high-level access to technical specialists from VMware. This leads to quick resolution of any unusual software issues.

Expert Team: VMware server virtualization requires specialist staff such as data center operations managers, experts in VMware technology, and system administrators for maintenance of the virtual infrastructure. IaaS Provider has a vast team of VMware certified professionals who have extensive experience in VMware server virtualization.

Final Thoughts:

IaaS Provider offers end-to-end IaaS VMware server virtualization services. Right from deploying the hosted environment to providing troubleshooting, we can take care of all your IaaS VMware server virtualization needs.

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