IaaS for Ecommerce companies

Ecommerce companies

IaaS for Ecommerce companies

Over the past few years, the ecommerce sector has seen exponential growth all over the world. More and more companies are expected to join the e-commerce bandwagon. Given the large amount of data involved, ecommerce companies have unique requirements when it comes to IT infrastructure. In this article, we look at why IaaS (infrastructure as a service) is an ideal choice for ecommerce companies.

Speeds of cloud servers: Speed of servers is a key consideration for ecommerce companies, because even a difference of milliseconds in loading times can make a huge impact on their revenues. According to statistics, 47% of ecommerce customers want web pages to load within 2 seconds. If a webpage takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of visitors simply abandon the site. As per a study by Aberdeen Group, the ecommerce industry loses nearly $117 million in sales each year to slow page load times.

Cloud servers are an excellent value proposition for ecommerce companies. Because of distributed computing, the load is shared across different server resources thus improving the speed of access. Also, the redundancy feature of cloud computing ensures zero downtime. Thanks to these advantages, ecommerce companies can offer consistent speeds to their customers, irrespective of the amount of traffic.

Low setup costs: With cloud computing, even small retailers can start offering ecommerce services. They don’t have to worry about huge upfront IT costs, or high monthly maintenance costs. With a pay-as-you model, they pay a monthly fee based on the resources used.

Easy scalability during peak periods: Cloud computing enables ecommerce companies to instantly scale up their capacity, such as bandwidth and server resources. This feature is particularly useful to deal with peak shopping times or peak sale periods, say Christmas. These resources can be instantly scaled down during times of low demand.

Data security: Ecommerce companies deal with a lot of sensitive data, including financial data of their consumers. Cloud computing offers an entirely new standard of security as opposed to traditional IT infrastructures. The massive scale of the IT infrastructure enables IaaS companies to employ advanced security measures, both in terms of technology and in terms of personnel. For example, IaaS Provider has biometric authentication at all its facilities to ensure only authorized staff enter the premises.

Also, cloud companies have to comply with regulatory requirements in terms of data security. For example, all cloud companies should be compliant with ISO 27001, the ISO standard for information security. Due to these features, ecommerce companies can be assured of the security of their financial data.

Improved trust: These days, customers are hardly loyal with ecommerce companies. But if ecommerce companies can provide a good experience consistently – such as fast access speeds, assurance related to privacy and security of credit card data, zero downtime and high availability – such companies can experience improved customer loyalty overtime. If companies have a reliable cloud partner, they can promote the strengths of the cloud provider to their customers through newsletters and social media, which can further improve the trust of the customer.


Overall, it can be seen that cloud computing provides various significant advantages to ecommerce companies. In the last 10 years, IaaS provider has deployed and maintained private clouds for several ecommerce companies across the world.

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