Extend your Data Centre into IaaS Provider

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Extend your Data Centre into IaaS Provider

Every company wants to achieve more out of its IT resources. It is always a challenge to align IT budgets with a company’s growth objectives. IaaS Provider has a perfect solution for this challenge. Use our dedicated vCenter data center infrastructure, and stop worrying about your IT capacity.

Why IaaS Provider?

Authorized partnership with VMware: IaaS Provider is an authorized partner of VMware, the worldwide leader in virtualization services. Our Dedicated VMware vCenter Server enables a seamless extension of your present VMware environment into a hosted, private cloud infrastructure that has only your organization as a tenant.

Seamless transition: You don’t have to make any changes to your present staff, tools or processes for this extension. What more, you can save a lot of time and costs that are associated with a typical capacity expansion of an existing data center.

Managed services: IaaS Provider’s Dedicated vCenter server offering is a combination of VMware’s technology and the managed services of IaaS Provider. We will manage your entire IT infrastructure, including, network, bandwidth, IP addresses, and server hardware while providing you the full benefits of VMware’s software stack.

Best-in-class technical support: IaaS Provider has a large team of VMware certified professionals. Our team has vast experience in all aspects, including VMware technology, network infrastructure and cloud computing. We never assign more than 3 clients to a single technical service executive. This means you get dedicated technical support 24/7/365 by a real human. Also, our partnership with VMware provides us with privileged access to technical specialists from VMware; this access is particularly useful for a quick resolution of non-routine software issues. This flexibility is not available to VMware public cloud users.

No capital expenditure: Transitioning to the virtual data center of IaaS Provider does not involve any capital expenditures. All you need to do is sign up for one of our membership plans and pay a small fee every month.

Flexibility to scale: With your existing VMware vCenter server, it is very difficult to increase or decrease your IT infrastructure capacity as per business needs. You will have to incur high costs for expansion, and there’s always a risk of underutilization when business is low. However, by teaming up with us, you get unparalleled flexibility. You simply have to raise a new request for capacity expansion, and we will deploy new hardware within 5 days. This flexibility to scale makes it easy to deploy your capital towards your core business.

Lower risk: IaaS Provider uses hardware only from reputed providers like Cisco and IBM. Also you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and advanced disaster recovery management services. These features reduce the risk of downtime, which can lead to lost business. Also, a private cloud offers exclusive, single tenant security to your computing, networking and storage infrastructure.

Vast experience: We have been providing data center services since 2006. We have deployed Dedicated VMware vCenter servers for hundreds of organizations, right from startups to large enterprises.


All in all, our vast experience in deploying and managing dedicated VMware vCenter servers and VMware’s world-leading technology are a perfect solution for all your IT expansion needs.

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