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Contingency services – IaaS Provider

Every business faces the risk of disasters, both natural and man-made, which could lead to disruption of business as well as loss of key data. Contingency or disaster recovery services are useful for safeguarding businesses during such events. Read on to know more about our contingency services.

Easier disaster recovery due to virtualization:

In traditional hosting, businesses had to spend a lot of money towards disaster recovery management. Given the high costs, sometimes businesses could not afford disaster recovery for their entire IT infrastructure. However, cloud computing has simplified disaster recovery and made it very affordable. Since the infrastructure is located at faraway locations, businesses don’t have to worry even if there is a disaster at their primary location.

Two Types of Contingency Services

As a certified partner of VMware, we offer two major types of contingency services:

  • Private cloud disaster recovery
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery as a service

Private cloud contingency services

This service is suitable for organizations that want to deploy and manage their own private cloud for disaster recovery. We provide a range of products that make it easy to implement disaster recovery.

VMware virtual SAN is a very simple storage system designed for vSphere. Using clustering technology, Virtual SAN creates a robust datastore that is ideal for virtual environments.

VMware vSphere Replication is a seamless replication technology for replicating your existing data into the private cloud. With vSphere replication, you can protect up to 2,000 virtual machines in each vSphere environment.

With VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, you can instantly set up centralized disaster recovery plans. Also you can test the recovery plans multiple times without causing any disruptions to business operations. VMware vCenter Site recovery can provide up to 50 percent savings in disaster recovery management costs.

Cloud-based contingency as a service

By choosing cloud-based contingency as a service, you don’t have to worry about the costs related to setting up your own private cloud. At a fixed monthly fee, we offer seamless cloud-based contingency services.

Features of IaaS Provider’s contingency services

End-to-end solution: IaaS Provider offers end-to-end contingency services, including deployment, replication, automation and testing of disaster recovery management.

Cost advantages: When compared to traditional disaster recovery, IaaS Provider’s disaster recovery service are much more cost effective. If you opt for contingency as a service, you don’t have to worry about any capital expenditures. Your monthly fees for disaster recovery would be a fraction of traditional disaster recovery costs.

Best-in-class technology: VMware is a world leader in disaster recovery solutions. The combination of VMware’s technology and our extensive experience in contingency services provide you with a highly reliable disaster recovery management.

Scalability: We enable simple and convenient expansion of disaster recovery capacity. You don’t have to worry about adding new hardware to meet your increased storage needs. By placing a request with IaaS Provider, you can upgrade contingency services with ease.

Low Recovery Point Objective (RPO): VMware’s disaster recovery suite allows setting recovery point objectives (RPOs) of as low as 15 minutes. This means data backup is taken every 15 minutes, and thus there is minimal risk of data loss during disasters.


Contingency services are a must for every organization. IaaS Provider’s contingency services have been used by leading organizations across the world.

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