Cloud Security – Physical Infrastructure

Cloud security infrastructure

Cloud Security – Physical Infrastructure

In the previous articles, we discussed the broad elements of cloud security and the role of the customer in cloud security. In this article, we discuss the safeguards put in place by IaaS Provider to ensure security of the physical infrastructure.

Role of Physical Security

While cloud computing is virtual, often times people forget that the data and information are stored in physical servers, which need to be protected at all times.

IaaS Provider has put in place several safeguards to ensure that customer data and information are secure. In the last 10 years, we have constantly upgraded our security systems to ensure they are equipped to deal with emerging threats.

Authentication: All data center facilities have two-factor authentication (two means of identification for a single person). This way only authorized staff can entire our premises. Additionally, we have advanced security system, which can be unlocked only by biometric identification (such as hand or finger) and a smart badge. For all the secure areas, we have clearly defined entry permissions based on their roles. If any person is not required in the area, they are not given permission.

Video Surveillance: We have closed circuit video cameras installed at all our entrance and exit points. These cameras are monitored round the clock by our security personnel. Cameras can retain up to 90 days of data. Also, all our data centers have a centralized security management systems that manage all aspects of security, such as Electronic Access Controls.

Security at the employee level: All the security measures are even applicable to the employees of IaaS Provider. For example, every month, our management reviews how many times authorized staff has visited the facilities. Secondly, we have put stringent systems related to termination and role changes. This means if an employee is terminated or if their role is changed (and thereby their necessary access controls are changed), all the physical access rights are removed for such employees.

Perimeter defense: All the physical infrastructure is safeguarded by fences, walls and gates. Also, vehicle controls ensure only authorized vehicles enter the system. Any deliveries of hardware or other equipment are received at separate areas, which have their own safeguards and controls.

Visitor security: No unauthorized visitors are allowed inside our data centers. For authorized visitors, we have put strict rules in place including:

  • Visitors should have a legitimate reason for entry
  • At the entry point, visitors should sign a log and provide their photo identification. They also mention their reason for visiting, and the name of the IaaS Provider employee they are meeting
  • Visitors are given with different badges and not the ones given to employees. Visitor badges do not have any access controls and cannot unlock any doors, etc.
  • Visitors, including customers of IaaS Provider, are strictly restricted from entering sensitive areas
  • During the entire visit, an employee of IaaS Provider is with the visitor at all times
  • Every month, management audits the visitor and security logs and checks if there are any anomalies

All in all, we have put in place world-class systems to ensure complete security of our physical infrastructure. By choosing IaaS Provider as your partner for managed cloud services, you can be assured that your information is in safe hands.

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