Benefits of IaaS

Benefits of IaaS

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is fast catching up among organizations as a preferred choice for IT infrastructure. And it’s not without a reason. IaaS provides tremendous benefits to organizations. Let’s look at some of these benefits in detail.

Cost advantages: Setting up a physical IT infrastructure involves upfront investments such as buying hardware, recruiting technical staff and so on. Apart from one-time costs, your own IT infrastructure has costs associated with maintaining uptime, buying hardware/networking/storage equipment, and repair and maintenance of such equipment.

With IaaS, organizations don’t have to worry about these costs. Also, IaaS requires minimal in-house IT staff, so organizations get cost savings on that front as well. As IaaS works on a monthly fee model, organizations have to pay a monthly fee based on the resources used by them. If in some months their business is slow and they use less resources, they pay less fees. This way they don’t incur costs on any unused resources.

All these factors make IaaS an excellent proposition from a cost point of view.

Ability to scale: A major advantage of IaaS is to scale the capacity (either increase or decrease) according to business requirements. Typically, IaaS Providers have excess capacity at their disposal, and you can upgrade your capacity by a simple request. In contrast, if you were to expand your physical infrastructure, it will involve huge costs and technical complexity. Plus there’s always the risk of underutilization of capacity. However, there’s no such risk with IaaS. You can easily scale down whenever you want.

Better technology: Because IaaS is their bread and butter, IaaS Providers have to invest in the latest, high-performance hardware, storage and networking equipment. The use of latest technology enables them to quickly respond to business dynamics. For example, test and development environments require the latest IT infrastructure, and IaaS is the perfect solution for such needs.

Fast set up: IaaS can be set up instantly, and this can be a huge advantage for businesses, especially startups. New businesses can save on the time spent in setting and maintaining a physical IT infrastructure. This enables them to take their products or services faster to the market.

Better disaster recovery and business continuity: Disaster recovery management can turn out to be a major expense for organizations. Apart from the costs, there are various complexities involved in disaster recovery. This is particularly true for organizations having operations at multiple locations. IaaS offers a simple substitute for disaster recovery management. One, since the infrastructure is located at a single location, organizations don’t have to worry should a disaster strike one of their locations. Clients and employees can continue working as usual over the internet. Also, IaaS providers put in place advanced systems to ensure seamless disaster recovery.

According to a research by Frost & Sullivan, business continuity and disaster recovery management are one of the top reasons why organizations opt for IaaS.


All in all, IaaS provides various benefits to organizations. And due to these benefits, organizations can stop worrying about their IT infrastructure, and focus on their core activities which ultimately leads to business growth.

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